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Posted: 2023.

Our production of

won two prizes
as the best opera performance and best production
of the year
at the National theatre Ivan pl Zajc in Rijeka

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Posted: 27.08.2023.

From the premiere of The Queen of Spades,
in Rijeka on June 16, 2023.

More performances coming soon!

Past events

Posted: 13.04.2023.


Operette (Rab), 09.09.2023.

by Dunja Vejzović and partners.

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Posted: 17.03.2022.

Here are the last year announcements for Zagreb, Rab and Varaždin.
Also, you can check our program and trailer (left banner).
ZAGREB 24.08.20202.
RAB 26.08.2022.
VARAŽDIN 30.08.2022.
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Posted: 20.11.2021.

Here is our first music score edition: 4 cycles of spansh songs Obradors, Turina, Granados & De Falla, arrangement for 3 guitars made by prof. Darko Petrinjak. Not just that! The recording of all songs exists by Croatia records and us. Our prices are reduced by 15 % if you order until 30.12.2021. You will get the invoice to pay and delivery will be on the way the same day.
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Posted: 19.11.2021.

NOVI TROSTRUKI ALBUM “LIVE ZAGREB” – Dunja Vejzović, Zagrebački solisti, Zagrebački gitarski trio, Zagrebačka filharmonija i promocija novog albuma nota u izdanju Vero Vision

29.09.2021. 11:00h u Hrvatskom glazbenom zavodu

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Posted: 30.09.2021.

FINAL CONCERT of my best Masterclass

Hrvatski Komorni Orkestar, cond. Dunja Vejzović

30.09.2021. Varaždin, HNK Concert Hall